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Amphibious Knitting

You never know what you’ll hear at my house.

Hubby:  Are you frogging that sock?
Me: No, I’m just ripping it back a few rows.
Hubby: I thought frogging is what you did when you went backwords.
Me: Frogging is when you rip the whole thing out and start over. Tinking is when you unknit stitch by stitch.  Ripping is somewhere in between.
Hubby:  So ripping is when you tadpole.

Cleaning House

I have spent much of my weekend cleaning house.  More appropriate would be to say I’ve been clearing out my house.  Closets, drawers, behind the furniture, shelves, and cabinets.   No place was safe from being emptied, purged, and organized.  I now know why I am always running out of work clothes by Thursday.  While my closet was stuffed beyond capacity, it was stuffed with clothes that harbored a desperate hope that I would once again have my teenage waistline many sizes too small.  And that was just the start.

I have also done some mental cleaning house as well.  As is often the case, one makes a decision with expectations of a certain outcome.  However, the result rarely meets expectations exactly.  Sometimes it is better, sometimes worse, but almost always different than the intended vision.  Such is the case with my decision so long ago to sell patterns wholesale only.  For reasons too long and convoluted to detail in a single post, I am beginning to offer patterns by download in addition to wholesale.  Not that I want to deny you a post that would rival War & Peace in length, but I still have to clean under the beds and tackle the paper mountain that is our computer desk.  I have priorities and sleeping sometime between now and going to work tomorrow is one of them.

Over the future days, or if I’m truthful weeks, I’ll be adding more “add to cart” buttons to more patterns.  But for today, I’ve begun with these. 

Bois BlancBois Blanc
Split hem and welted details make this a fun sweater to wear. While virtually no finishing and bulky weight yarn make it a quick piece to knit. The pattern is sized from 34.5” to 50.25”. Knit in the round with bulky weight yarn and US 10.5 (6.5mm) needles.
Click here for more details

Woven WavesWoven Waves
Toe-up socks with an easy to memorize and fun to knit stitch pattern. The unique gusset placement on the sole of the sock adds interest without changing the overall fit of the sock. The pattern is written for double point needles and the two-circular method. The socks are worked with US2 (2.75mm) needles and fingering weight yarn.
Click here for more details.

KISSK.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Scowl)
A great accessory for the cold winter months, this combination cowl and scarf knits up quickly. Since the skill level is for an advanced beginner, it is a wonderful pattern for all knitters. One size fits all, it uses approximately 220 yds (200 m) of DK weight yarn and a US 5 (3.75mm) 16? circular needle.
Click here for more details.

In the meantime, I hear a dust bunny calling my name in the spare bedroom.

Highland Dancing

just hangin’ around
toes pointed, heels in - 2nd position (i think)In my lighter more energetic younger days, I practiced Scottish dancing.  My favorite dance to perform has always been the sword dance*.  I never competed but did it for the fun.  Even though I no longer practice, I have not been able to give up my ghillies.
* This is not a video of me, but rather a good example of the sword dance. We should all be grateful that I did not post a video of me. Really, really, grateful. :)

Coming Up Blank

I am still busy with knitting work.  The kind that makes for boring pictures of empty table tops.  Because otherwise I would be in big trouble for showing pictures of super secret design stuff.   And I always follow the rules.  Even if my mother would strongly disagree.

fit to be tied

I can show you the yarn I dyed with SonyaShe has some great pictures.  Go on, click the link, I’ll wait.  She brought over some knitted blanks and we set to work with the K*ool-aid.  Having dyed yarn at the store, I knew it was alot of work to make hand-painted yarn. Instead, I gave into my lazinesschose to tie-dye my blank.  This method also allowed me more time to hang out and watch Sonya work talk with a friend.painting stripes

The cake looks very different from the blank.  I think once it is knitted up, it will have a tweedy look to it.   Of course, it is taking all my will power to not cast on and find out.  I can only knit so many things at once. And I must get some of the design work off my needles first.


Practice Makes Perfect

Work, both day job and knitting, has kept me really busy.  But, I found time to finish my dad’s socks.  Of course, they would have been off the needles a long time ago if it weren’t for the knitting gods having a good laugh at my expense gauge problems and miscalculation of his foot size.

takin’ a soakI don’t normally block socks.  After all, my feet work just fine to stretch them into the proper shape.  However, as these don’t fit me and Caesar has been shedding all over, I mean gaurding them are a gift, I gave them a quick bath and a light blocking.  I’m glad I did.  The amount of red dye that exhausted from the yarn was amazing.  I know that red dye never really exhausts but this was still more than I expected.

Done!Pattern: None, just a standard toe up plain stockinette sock with a short ribbed cuff.
Size: Mens shoe 11.5 wide
Yarn: Regia Kaffe Fassett color#4259
Needles: Magic loop, US 1.5 (2.5mm) – 40″ circular
Notes: I originally started these with the intent of following the riverbed style from Cat Bordhi’s new Pathways book. However, I found that the way she constructs the gusset gives the socks a little too much room in the arch to fit my dad well. When I had to start them a second time, I decided the traditional construction would work better.

20080629_55.jpgJust in case you were wondering how wide an 11.5 wide foot really was.

Gerber Daisies

Gerber daisyGerber daisyGerber daisyGerber daisyMy wedding bouquet was mostly Gerber daisies.  It is my favorite springtime flower.


This past week I, like so many others in my area, was without power for several days.  Fortunately, the only thing to lose in the refridgerator was 1/4 gallon of milk, some mustard, one jar of capers, and four bottles of BBQ sauce. For the life of me, I don’t know why we needed honey, chipotle, smokey, and regular BBQ sauce at the same time. Sad commentary on the culinary affairs of my home but I prefer to think of all the money we saved. 

Cat NapWhat does one do when there is no TV, radio, computer games, Internet surfing, ravelry-ing, blog reading to keep one entertained?  I chose to invent new ways to play solitaire, knit, and do all I could to keep the white wine from getting too warm.  Cleo chose to nap.  Truthfully, I don’t think she noticed the lack of power at all.  Hubby didn’t notice the lack of power either because he had chosen to be in the great north of Michigan a few days prior to the blackout.

Hoyle’s deck

20080610_13.JPG I also discovered how much of my to-do list could be accomplished without the TV, radio, computer games, Internet surfing, ravelry-ing, and blog reading to help me procrastinate to do first.  There was some photo taking of my woefully behind ABC pics, classroom notes for my upcoming classes – Focus on Socks and Fit, and some number crunching for some future patterns.

I almost regretted the power coming back on.  But then I remembered my fondness for cold milk, email, and Deadli*est Catch. 

ETA: I almost missed learning that Claudia had put up my pattern and yarn donation.  If you are able and so inclined, donate to a good cause.

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