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Sixth Sunday

I cannot believe I am going to show you this. This is my I’ll-get-around-to-this-on-the-sixth-Sunday-of-the-month pile. Also, known as the dear-knitting-gnomes-I-will-pay-anything-to-make-it-go-away pile. Somewhere in there are WIPS that whisper their sorry state of neglect to me at 2 AM. There is a design idea or two gone horribly wrong. Forgotten yarn adds their mantra to the […]

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Next week I will not be working.  For the first time in my life, it will not be my choice.  The cause, economic crisis, is scary.  However, I am trying to keep some perspective.  It is brief and temporary. My not working, the crisis remains to be seen.  There are others suffering much worse.  My situation may change […]

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Cleaning House

I have spent much of my weekend cleaning house.  More appropriate would be to say I’ve been clearing out my house.  Closets, drawers, behind the furniture, shelves, and cabinets.   No place was safe from being emptied, purged, and organized.  I now know why I am always running out of work clothes by Thursday.  While my closet […]

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Coming Up Blank

I am still busy with knitting work.  The kind that makes for boring pictures of empty table tops.  Because otherwise I would be in big trouble for showing pictures of super secret design stuff.   And I always follow the rules.  Even if my mother would strongly disagree. I can show you the yarn I dyed with […]

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This past week I, like so many others in my area, was without power for several days.  Fortunately, the only thing to lose in the refridgerator was 1/4 gallon of milk, some mustard, one jar of capers, and four bottles of BBQ sauce. For the life of me, I don’t know why we needed honey, chipotle, smokey, […]

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Tag, You’re It!

I have a cold.  Not a bad cold.  Not the knock you down for the count sort of cold.  No, I have the slightly there cold.  The I feel fine…almost…sort of cold.  The hang around for three five seven days and counting cold.  I hate this cold.  If I’m going to be sick, I want […]

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Dear Ma’am

Dear Jade, Strutting ceased about 6 days ago.  My feet began to hurt and strutting isn’t the same with a limp.  The preening stopped around 2 days ago.  If I had continued, I would soon be bald. Thank you for the gentle reminder that someone somewhere might worry if I don’t make the occasional noise to […]

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