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Never Ending Sock Knitting

One sock finished, one to go. And it is going and going and going . . . I am at the gusset.  The part of the sock that always seems to take the longest to knit.  Cuff down, toe up, it doesn’t matter. The toe is small and with four stitches every other round, 20 becomes […]

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Handspun Without the Spinning

When I attend fiber festivals, I have a hard time resisting . . . roving.  Well, the yarn too, but roving?  I don’t spin.  I don’t want to.  However, I really want the roving.  I love the colors, the softness, and the endless possibilities of gauge, color, and twist. When a friend offered to spin for me […]

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Starting Over

I did the only thing I could do with a sock that refused to commit to a gauge.  I sent a nearly-finished-still-on-the-needle sock to my dad. Who, to his credit, suspended his belief that it would be possible to wear such a thing. It is too wide in the arch, and a little short in […]

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Leave My Gauge Alone

I know I read somewhere that k1, p1 draws your knitting in – resulting in a more narrow fabric that can still stretch as far as plain stockinette.  Every knitter’s how-to book talks of this amazing characteristic.  Sweater hems and necklines depend on this feature.  I also know with equal certainty that in spite of my daily mental […]

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Getting More Than You Gave

That saying is so true when it comes to the shawl swap that Dyann proposed many months ago.  I had seen some of her previous work and knew that I would be getting a great shawl.  And did I ever!!  The arrangement was to swap yarn and the knitter would choose the pattern.  The yarn owner would […]

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The Best Part

Blocking has always been the best part of lace for me.  The shawl that I’ve been knitting for Dyann is the kind of lace that really benefits from a good stretch.  Of course while I’m blocking, I often wonder if it is worth the effort.  Keeping edges straight and even can be a real nightmare when […]

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Where Art Thou, Gauge?

I’m knitting a pair of star toe – Cat Bordhi new pathway gusset placement she calls Riverbed – but hey the stockinette is simple – socks.  I’d be much further along on these socks if it weren’t for the strange vortex that distorts reality I was able to determine my gauge.  Depending on the amount of humidity, if I’m […]

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