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One Night or Two

It was supposed to be a night out with a friend to see Chorus Line and then return to my home for a shared bottle of Meeker.  One night became two because of the snow.  I couldn’t send her home with the weather we had yesterday.  I encouraged a trip to the yarn store but to let her travel the […]

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Great Beginning

My husband and I met the first minutes of the new year quietly without noise or celebration.  The last minutes of the first day were the exact opposite.  Those minutes were loud, full of laughter, and spent with friends from our wine club.   I cannot think of a better way to start a new calendar than […]

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Guarding the Hen House

My husband had a rare Saturday free from work.  So we spent the day at Frankenmuth, MI.  In the meantime, Caesar let me know he would protect my knitting while I was away.  Sure . . . I trust him with my wool as much I’d let him guard a flock of chickens.

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I Say Fiber, He Says Fish

My husband is to all things fly-fishing as I am to all things wool.  So, when my husband excitedly showed me his latest find after a trip to the LFS (Local Fishing Store), I did my best to be excited too.  It’s the least I can do in return for his valiant attempts to understand my fiber obsession.  This time I didn’t […]

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One For Me, Three For You

20080224_02a.jpgI was gifted the perfect tote. Why? Because I agreed to pass it on. Kindness, not the tote. I’m keeping the bag.

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Not A Drop To Spare

I survived my first white water rafting experience because I didn’t go.  Not for lack of trying, though.  I met my father and we headed to the mountains of Tennessee.  However, just before we where to head down river we received a call.  The dam was not releasing water into the river because of the […]

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Up A Creek Without A Paddle

I am spending the weekend with my father.  Something prompted him to decide that this was the year to check white water rafting off his list of things to do before the end of his days or so I am assuming that’s his motivation.  Something else prompted me to cheerfully go along for the ride.  […]

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