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Monthly Archive for February, 2009

Sixth Sunday

I cannot believe I am going to show you this. This is my I’ll-get-around-to-this-on-the-sixth-Sunday-of-the-month pile. Also, known as the dear-knitting-gnomes-I-will-pay-anything-to-make-it-go-away pile. Somewhere in there are WIPS that whisper their sorry state of neglect to me at 2 AM. There is a design idea or two gone horribly wrong. Forgotten yarn adds their mantra to the […]

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What Really Matters

I finished writing a post about when you aren’t sure if you’ll have a paycheck next week, you can’t help but want to spend money.  And then I read about Rachael’s husband who is one of the missing in Australia’s wildfires.  Suddenly my worries, seem so small.  If you are so inclined, please send a prayer […]

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