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Monthly Archive for May, 2006

If Found, Please Return to Owner

The first challenge of the Amazing Lace is to provide an introduction of yourself and your team member. Sounds easy enough. Yeah, right! Me? I am present and accounted for. Ready to intro myself away. However, my teammate, a shawl of my own design, is on holiday, trekking through Nepal, or on a mission to […]

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Sockless in the Suburbs

I do not own a pair of hand knit socks. I suppose that is because for the past seven years of my knitting career, I’ve concentrated on scarves and hats for my portable projects. This year, though, has an added sense of adventure. I’ve tried lace for the first time and many times since. I’ve […]

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Catch of the Day

Brook Trout Rainbow Trout Sock TroutPattern: Fancy Gentleman’s Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush, with modifications Yarn: Louet Gem Opal, hand dyed in Trout Colorway Needle: US2 DPN What is left after knitting Sock Trout.

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A Fin Away From Finished

I have left you in suspense. It has probably been so long that you cannot even recall what is causing you to cross your fingers for me. I sincerely apologize for the delay in reporting my knitting progress. I would like it noted, however, that if these Trout socks were for me I would be […]

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Curiosity Grows A Turtle

Courtesy of my green swap with Becca, I have been growing a turtle. My husband wanted to plunk it into water as soon as the package was opened. I, however, made him wait until I could be home for more than one day to witness this miracle of an expanding turtle as well. According to […]

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E’Nupp is E’Nupp

The 5-stitch nupp is the latest technique I’ve learned during my lace class. This week I only had to knit one swatch. The pattern is Lily of the Valley. A really easy knit, except for the nupps.

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

That phrase is often associated, at least in my mind, with the famous Muppet – Kermit the Frog. While Kermit may be the most well known, he certainly wasn’t the only green muppet associated with the Muppet Show. According to this character guide green Muppets also extended to Kermit’s fellow frogmates Robin, Ms. Appleby, and […]

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