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Every year Knit Michigan organizer, Joan, has an afghan knit from a variety of published sources for raffle. But next year it will be an original. Dozens of volunteers have come up with the most wonderful patterns. They will be compiled and sold as a booklet to raise extra money for the charity.

My life has been consumed by tech editing squares. It’s a great change of pace. I almost don’t notice the lack of knitting.

Laughter and Tears

So the snow is gone, but not necessarily the cold weather.  This month has seen incredibly warm days followed by extremely cold the next.  The temperature isn’t the only thing around here that is swinging between extremes.

This month I was published for the first time in the summer edition of Love of Knitting!  It was thrilling to see my name in print.  I am so glad that Amy helped me get started.  I brought a copy to the store for show and tell.  Imagine my surprise when Joan already knew about it.  A mutual friend had seen the magazine in a book store, leafed through it, thought “hmmm, that looks like something Jae would knit” and then called the store when she saw I had designed it.  Any time we gather around the knit table for conversation and laughs, inevitably some will brag about it on my behalf.  My mom bought a copy within hours of learning it was available and so did my aunt.   All of this is my way of saying that I am grateful for the support I receive from my family and friends. 

Unfortunately, the laughter has been balanced with tears.  I cannot begin to express how saddened I am that my friend will never see the shawl I designed for her.  At the young age of 46, she lost her fight against melanoma. It is hard to believe that it has been over a year that we made the deal to trade talents.  She had just finished spinning all the yarn I would need of the angora / wool blend. I have every intention to knit the shawl, but I don’t think I will keep it. It was never meant to be mine.  I will listen for her voice to tell me it’s new owner.  And I will miss her with every stitch.


I heard that snow was arriving.  I dismissed that as complete nonsense.  It is April, the month of showers, the month before May’s flowers.  Ha! 

Two days of this.  Although tomorrow is supposed to be the day it all melts away.  I’m keeping my guard up though.  The snow will probably try a sneak attack this weekend.

Onto more pleasant things, I had one of my patterns, Tendril Gloves, picked for the Intentions Yarn Club.  Squeee!  This is the news I had to wait to announce to ensure I didn’t give anything away before members received their newsletter.

A Taste of Yarn

This week I have been stalkinglurking a Ravelry group waiting for an announcement. I have news but I have to wait for the announcement to share. Patience is not my middle name. Heck, it wasn’t even considered.

To distract meyou from the waiting, let’s talk yarn. A few weeks back, I attended a yarn tasting at ThreadBear Fiber Arts in Lansing. I have never visited any of the local yarn stores in the city. We decided to make a whole day of it. Thus, there was yarn oohing-aahing before we even got to the final destination.

I know I am spoiled with the gazillion (ok, several dozen but it seems like a gazillion) quality yarn stores conveniently located within easy commute. However, Lansing isn’t hurting for good stores either.

And they have a coffee shop that sells chocolate with a drive-thru. Coffee, chocolate and a drive-thru! I almost up and moved right then.

The thing I love about a yarn tasting is the chance to try before I buy. There is nothing worse than buying a sweater’s worth of yarn to discover that it pills, doesn’t knit remotely to gauge, the drape is all wrong, or any of the other tragedies that could befall a sweater’s worth of yarn.

The thing I love even more is the hanging out with fellow knitters talking about the potential of a sweater’s worth of yarn.  I know she isn’t talking in this photo, but we really did do a lot of talking!

Of course, the laughs over almost dropping the camera from a moving car while photographing the capital building through the sunroof were a high point in the day too.

Sixth Sunday

I cannot believe I am going to show you this.

Sixth Sunday Pile of Stuff To Do, Sort, and Toss

This is my I’ll-get-around-to-this-on-the-sixth-Sunday-of-the-month pile. Also, known as the dear-knitting-gnomes-I-will-pay-anything-to-make-it-go-away pile.

Somewhere in there are WIPS that whisper their sorry state of neglect to me at 2 AM. There is a design idea or two gone horribly wrong. Forgotten yarn adds their mantra to the WIPs. There might be a few project leftovers hanging about – too small to be used on their own but too large to be tossed without regret.  Even a childhood stuffed toy bear is buried under all that best of intentions.

But like any mountain, I’m going to move it one shovelful at a time.  I’ll probably start with a WIP. I could use the sleep in the early morning hours.

How do you wrangle your stash and UFO’s when they get out of control? Better yet, how do you stop it from getting this bad?

What Really Matters

I finished writing a post about when you aren’t sure if you’ll have a paycheck next week, you can’t help but want to spend money.  And then I read about Rachael’s husband who is one of the missing in Australia’s wildfires.  Suddenly my worries, seem so small.  If you are so inclined, please send a prayer her way. It can’t hurt.

One Night or Two

It was supposed to be a night out with a friend to see Chorus Line and then return to my home for a shared bottle of Meeker.  One night became two because of the snow.  I couldn’t send her home with the weather we had yesterday.  I encouraged a trip to the yarn store but to let her travel the additional miles home would have been very irresponsible of me. 


Instead we made chili, opened up more wine,

and played Sequence

There might have also been some bobble head impressions from my husband.  Or not.  He is strongly denying any such thing in spite of witnesses.

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